0: Introductions

Welcome to The Last Star In Hollywood! In this introductory episode, we set out our plans for the podcast, discuss what makes a star, and ask the tough questions: Has Hollywood outgrown the need for stars? What is the least Downey performance that we’ve seen Downey do? Is Tom Hanks hot?

Alastair’s impromptu, informal criteria for stardom:

  • Profitability – how much money has the actor made, and how consistent are those profits?
  • Longevity – how long has has the actor been acting, and how consistent has their career been?
  • Exclusivity – to what degree is the actor primarily or exclusively a leading actor in feature films?
  • Iconicity – to what degree is the actor’s off-screen persona recognizable in or compatible with their on-screen performances?

Unanswered Questions:

  • Are there any other current movie stars who fulfill the criteria?
  • Are there any other criteria we might apply?
  • Are movie stars good or bad for the industry? Are they good or bad for our shared cultural landscape?

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Join us next time for a discussion of Franco Zeffirelli’s 1981 movie, Endless Love.