4: Losin’ It

This week, we head south of the border with Curtis Hanson’s 1983 sex comedy Losin’ It. What makes Tom Cruise so gee-shucks wholesome? Is a ’57 Chevy Bel Air the best-looking American car? Does this film know what it’s doing?

Content Warnings: racism, misogyny, sexually explicit language, discussion of non-consensual sex, sex work, violence

Unanswered Questions:

  • How do we feel about the resolution for Kathy and her husband?
  • Are Woody, Spider and Dave all in the same film? If not, which do we prefer?
  • Does Kathy understand how to drink tequila, or is she faking it? How do we read her character as the quote-unquote “sophisticated older woman”?

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Join us next time as we study the first real hit of Cruise’s career, Paul Brickman’s 1983 comedy Risky Business!

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